Policy cookies

This document regulates only the matters of browsing through the content of the website www.bluebrain.pl

The Portal under this address www.bluebrain.pl is administered by BlueBrain Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. with its registered office in Cracow, 30-394 at 22 Ks. Franciszka Trockiego street (hereinafter referred to as BlueBrain), BlueBrain cares about the privacy of its Users, the data which are collected by cookies files are used to help with the Portal’s administration.

What are the files called cookies?

Cookies files – these are short text files with IT data that are used for browsing the Portal’s content, cookies are stores in the end device (e.g. a computer) of a User. Cookies used by www.bluebrain.pl do not collect any personal data from the Users. A User can decide about the use of cookies on his/her device.

The Portal informs that browsing the website is monitored with the Google Analytics tool for the purpose of gathering information on how the visitors use it and on its popularity. When using the Portal, the User accepts these data analysis to be performed by the Google Analytics for the purposes stated herein.

Kinds of cookies and purposes to which they are used by www.bluebrain.pl ?

SESSION: stored temporarily and automatically deleted after some time or after closing the website or the browser.
Purpose: among other, improving the website’s navigation.

PERSISTENT: they are stored in the device during certain time or until they are deleted by the User at their end device.
Purpose: storing information about the User – if this is a new User or a returning one, and if he/she used the Portal via a Partner.

EXTERNAL: from other partnering portals e.g. Facebook, Google or Google Analytics.
Purpose: to have statistics.

How to enable/ disable cookies?

User can change his/her browser’s settings at any time, however, every browser has a different way of changing those settings, for example for Internet Explorer version 8.0: 1) Choose “Tools” from the menu, later “Internet Options”; 2) Go to “Privacy”; 3) Use a bar to change the preferences.
Internet browsers often as a default allow for cookies installation on the User’s end device.
The Portal informs that disabling cookies may influence the Portals functionality.

What data is processes?

www.bluebrain.pl processes the data which the User provided freely to obtain news relating to the Portal’s operations.
The Portal will securely store the data and not give them to third parties.
A User has the right to consult his/her data, request their deletion or correction by sending an email.

Redirecting to other websites.

The www.bluebrain.pl Portal has links to other websites. A User when entering a new website should every time read its Privacy Policy. The Portal www.bluebrain.pl is not liable for Privacy Policies – Cookies on other websites.


If the current Privacy Policy – Cookies is changed, the appropriate amendments will be made to the abovementioned stipulation.